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Egg Donation

In egg donation, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is performed in the usual manner, except that the egg donor will undergo ovarian stimulation with hormonal preparations in order to develop multiple follicles /eggs in her ovaries. At the same time, the recipient will receive medications so that her cycle mirrors the cycle of the donor and her body is prepared to receive the embryo.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies - Egg DonationThe donor will undergo egg collection as in standard IVF. The egg is then fertilized in a laboratory with sperm from the male partner of the recipient couple. The embryos created will then be implanted in the recipient’s uterus, with a very high probability of achieving a live birth.


Egg Sharing: We offer egg sharing to couples where they meet eligibility criteria.

Egg donation is offered to women who:

  • Have reached menopause prematurely
  • May carry a genetic disorder that can affect future pregnancies
  • Have experienced unexplained and repeated miscarriages
  • In couples with multiple failed IVF treatments
  • In older women, or in those with low ovarian reserve.