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About Us

Welcome to the Birmingham Fertility Centre

Birmingham Fertility centre provides fertility investigations and treatment to couples who are having difficulty in conceiving. The service is led by Dr Rima Rajkhowa, Consultant Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist. She is the Clinical Lead for the Infertility service at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, and provides consultations at the Priory Consulting suite Edgbaston, as well as Consultations and treatment at the CARE fertility Clinic, Birmingham UK.

It is estimated that about one in six couples may have difficulty in achieving a pregnancy.  Some couples  will only require advice and reassurance.  Other couples may require investigations to identify possible causes of infertility and their treatment.

Birmingham Fertility offers personalised care for the management of infertility, starting with a consultation to assess a couples worries and aspirations and establish the cause of the problem.  Treatment options will be discussed.About Birmingham Fertility Centre

Fertility Treatment options might include

-Follicle tracking, Ovulation Induction, , Artificial insemination (IUI)

-Assisted conception treatment – IVF and ICSI,

-Treatment with donated Sperm, and Egg

-Surgical Sperm retreival / Testicular sperm retreival


-Laparoscopic tubal or ovarian surgery, Myomectomy, reversal of sterilisation

The clinic aims to provide individualised care of the highest quality to every couple, in a caring, supportive environment from the first appointment to conception.

We strive to ensure that we reduce the anxiety and stress which is often seen when couples experience difficulty in achieving a pregnancy.